Create Better (Sleep) Habits by Keeping Better Company

Surround yourself with the kind of people who have the habits you want to have.

Most people would agree that routine and healthy habits go hand in hand. This can apply to our wellness, our relationships, our workplaces, and even to our sleep. It’s a matter of finding what works best for you and sticking with it. Once you do that, things seem so be in the flow and run more smoothly.

The problem is how difficult it is to actually develop these good habits, shape them into a routine, and stay on course. Dieting is a good example and we know how that goes.

One theory is that if you want to have better habits, you should spend more time in the company of people who have the good habits that you want. They will exert a strong positive influence on you.

This concept applies to sleeping, eating, leadership, and more. It isn’t complicated. If you want to eat better, spend more time sharing meals with those who have healthy diets. If you want to develop strong leadership qualities, hang out with strong leaders.

Another way to start creating habits and a better routine is by actively recognizing the benefits. It may take a while to recognize the difference, but be patient. The benefits accumulate as you stick with it over time.

It may feel annoying at first, adjusting to these new habits, but once you mentally shift and realize how much better you feel, how much better you’re sleeping, how opportunities are popping up that were not there before, you will begin to appreciate and hang onto your new, healthier routines.

Another good way to ensure your better sleep habits become second nature is to create your own Sleep Oasis®. Island Slumber endorses this concept as a proven way to better rest. Here’s how to create a Sleep Oasis®.

Use bamboo sheets, pillows, and bedding

Bamboo will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the night. The natural hypoallergenic properties of bamboo will keep the allergies at bay. And the organic microbe resistant properties of bamboo mean healthier sleep.

Wrap yourself in an Island Slumber Gravity Sleep Oasis® Weighted Blanket Deep pressure therapy is what the scientific name for the results weighted blankets provide. Think of it like a warm, comforting hug.

Cover your windows, darken your bedroom, and turn the thermostat down When your sleep chamber is too light, your brain thinks it’s time to wake up. The secret is dark and cool. Keep your room temperature at 70 degrees or lower.

Have a Cup of warm chamomile, passionflower, or peppermint tea before bedWarm tea or a glass of milk are nice if you’re not a tea drinker. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not good before bedtime.

Turn off all digital devices at least 1 hour before retiring This may be the most difficult habit to get into, but it works. Giving your brain a reprieve from the blue light of tv, phones, and computers sets the stage for dee[ sleep.

Sleep in the nude (your weighted blanket will keep you snug) Your skin pores breathe much better when not confined by clothing, which oddly enough means you sleep both cooler and warmer.

Additional items for your Sleep Oasis® might include: a 3D Sleep Mask, Essential Lavender Oil, and a Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp.

You’ll enjoy your new habits and routines once you get started and the rewards will speak for themselves. And, you’ll feel good knowing that with every purchase you make with Island Slumber, our affiliate, American Forests, plants a new tree somewhere in the U.S. It’s our way of giving back to help support a greener, eco-friendly planet Earth.

Your Sleep Oasis® is Only a Click Away

What it really comes down to is this. Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. And finding the best possible sleep environment is the first step to getting the sleep you need for healthy emotional balance. Create your own personal Sleep Oasis®,complete with the natural luxury of bamboo sheets,pillows, and sleep essentials.

Products to create your Green Sleep Oasis®

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