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Trees Embody Symbolism and Meaning for Humans

Trees and humans are intimately connected in a perpetual, symbiotic circle of life. A vital part of nature and the earth’s ecosystem, trees have coexisted with humans since the beginning of time. They provide essential oxygen into our atmosphere and as we breathe out carbon dioxide, the trees are fortified. Trees have come to represent a wide range of meanings for people across many different cultures. They provide beauty, color, scents, shade, windbreaks, soil stability and containment, medicine, wood, and food and an ecosystem to support birds, animal, and many other varieties of life. Trees also sustain life on earth though a fascinating process called photosynthesis where light energy from the sun is used to put carbon dioxide from the...

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Herb Gardening 101

There’s certainly nothing wrong with planting herbs directly in the ground, but we love using containers because you can move them around your yard or balcony.

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