We Plant One Tree for Every Item Purchased

We are thrilled to be partners with American Forests!

Together, our partnership will work to protect and restore forest ecosystems across the U.S. and throughout the world.

AMERICAN FORESTS Established in 1875, American Forests has been protecting and restoring forests for more than 140 years. And, while they may be the nation’s oldest conservation organization, their work today is more important than ever. Since 1990 alone, we have planted more than 50 million trees, helping to restore forests in all 50 states and nearly 50 countries.

This year, they will plant millions more in dozens of forest conservation projects. Together, these projects recover hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, safeguard vital watersheds, absorb millions of tons of greenhouse gases and protect some of the most stunning landscapes in America.

American Forests is also a leading advocate for using trees and greenspace to make our cities more sustainable, beautiful and livable.

Tree Facts

Facts 1: Forests cover 30% of the earth’s land. We have lost 50% off the earth's trees in the past 100 years since the start of the industrial revolution.

Facts 2: It is estimated that within 100 years there will be no rainforests.

Facts 3: Agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation

Facts 4: One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second.

Facts 5: Loss of forests contributes between 12 percent and 17 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. (World Resources Institute)

Facts 6: If the current rate of deforestation continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rainforests on the earth.

Facts 7: The rate of deforestation equals to loss of 20 football fields every minute.

Facts 8: There are more than 121 natural remedies in the rain forest which can be used as medicines.

Facts 9: According to Rainforest Action Network, the United States has less than 5% of the world’s population yet consumes more than 30% of the world’s paper.

Facts 10: The over exploitation of forests is making it extremely difficult to replant a new ecology.

Facts 11: 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon forest.

Facts 12: Up to 28,000 species are expected to become extinct by the next quarter of the century due to deforestation.

Facts 13: 25% of cancers fighting organisms are found in the amazon.

Facts 14: 13 million hectare per year in South America and Africa and south East Asia is converted from a forest to an agriculture land.

Facts 15: Deforestation has considerably stopped in places like Europe, Pacific, North America and some parts of Asia due to lack of agricultural land.

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