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Our Inspiration
We cultivated the Island Slumber® bedding line to help you create a home vacation retreat. Vacations allow you to rejuvenate your mind and soul. The Island Slumber Family has a passion for nature and travel. We can help you create that vacation experience in your home with our luxurious bedding line. Our bedding line is designed with superior quality and care. The vacation does not have to end. Enjoy endless relaxation and create your home Sleep Oasis™

Our Vision
The vision of The Island Slumber Family is to create quality products that are environmentally and socially responsible. We can help create a better tomorrow with the support of customers and giving partners. We are committed to giving back through each purchase.

Our Fabrics
Bamboo is the new fabric of your life. We choose to make our sheet and pillow products out of 100% Viscose Bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable material that has environmental advantages over cotton and other fibers. Bamboo is cooler, moisture wicking, extremely soft yet durable fiber. Creating a natural, luxurious, deep restful slumber with your Sleep Oasis™ Bamboo Sheet Sets and Pillows.

Our People
The Island Slumber Family is comprised of an eclectic group partners based in the USA. Each person in our Island Slumber family is an integral part of our business model. We have backgrounds in aerospace, fashion design, retail IT, entrepreneurship, and art. We wanted to create a product line that was practical and in demand. We decided on bedding because sleep is a crucial necessity for a healthy lifestyle; and although we come from different backgrounds we all have a passion for nature and travel. Therefore we wanted to create a luxurious bedding line that could help our customers bring the vacation experience into their home creating the ultimate home Sleep Oasis®. Our goal was to create a bedding line that was eco-friendly utilizing quality materials. We are committed to providing quality products and researching  new textiles that can be used to help create luxury bedding for years to come.

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