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Sleep Better after Soaking in a Deep Soaking Tub

Whether it’s a hot tub or deep soaking tub, hydrotherapy is an amazing benefit to good, healthy sleep. Not only will your aching joints and muscles feel better, you will also sleep deeper and longer when you soak away your cares in a deep soaking tub. Whether it’s a  hot tub out back or a hydrotherapy tub inside, the effects are the same. About one-third of American adults suffer from some kind of sleep disorder according to the CDC, which means that improving your nightly rest should be a top priority. The science behind soaking in warm water and achieving better sleep goes like this. Soaking in hot water approximately 90 minutes before going to bed triggers your body’s internal...

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Why Buy Eco-Friendly Products?

Because They're Healthier for You and the Planet. Sustainable is a word, a concept, an important part of being eco-friendly.  We see it, read about it, and, if we’re good stewards of the Earth, make it part of our lives. Buying eco-friendly products means that you care about the resources of our planet. It’s an important statement about who you are and how you live. When you buy and support a sustainable, eco-friendly brand, you can feel good about your choice. Sadly, many companies and groups throw the word “sustainable” around to refer solely to whatever issue relevant to their perspective. However, there’s also an upside. Today, more than 90% of CEOs say that developing sustainable products and services is...

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