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Make 2020 the Year of Your Ultimate Sleep Oasis®

When you sleep better, you feel better, perform better, and enjoy life so much more. Another shiny new year ahead and many exciting opportunities await. So, now is the perfect time to create your ultimate Sleep Oasis® -- the place you can retreat in restful quiet, snuggle into a cozy bed, and renew your mind, body, and spirit. To help you get started, let’s look at what you’ll need. First, your room should have shades or curtains to block out the light. When it’s light, your brain thinks it’s time to wake up. Add a Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp for the light you need to prepare for bed and let it purify the air and create a cozy, ambient light....

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Create Better (Sleep) Habits by Keeping Better Company

Surround yourself with the kind of people who have the habits you want to have. Most people would agree that routine and healthy habits go hand in hand. This can apply to our wellness, our relationships, our workplaces, and even to our sleep. It’s a matter of finding what works best for you and sticking with it. Once you do that, things seem so be in the flow and run more smoothly. The problem is how difficult it is to actually develop these good habits, shape them into a routine, and stay on course. Dieting is a good example and we know how that goes. One theory is that if you want to have better habits, you should spend more...

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(Try Your Best to) Maintain the Three Pillars of Wellness During the Holidays - Sleep, Food, and Exercise

Holiday revelry, friends, family, travel, and fun are great to enjoy, but you want to feel good, too, when it’s all over. Nobody said it was easy getting through the explosion of activity during the holidays, but one thing rings true. If you can maintain the three pillars of wellness in spite of the chaos, you will come through it fine. Sleep, food, and exercise are the wellness safeguards that keep us in check. But let’s not be too hard on ourselves. After all, this is the holiday season. Sleep can be disrupted if you’re traveling or sleeping at Aunt Martha’s and her guest bed is not what you’re used to. Consider packing some of your bamboo sheets for the...

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Detox Your Laundry Room with New Zealand Organic Dryer Balls

It may shock you to learn that products in your laundry room are toxic, but it’s a fact. We tend to get too comfortable with products in our laundry simply because we’ve used them for so long we don’t think about it much. But it is a fact that dryer sheets contain highly toxic substances that can be bad for your skin, your breathing, and the environment. On average, a household contains over 60 toxic chemicals and we’re exposed to them daily. Ingredients in common household products have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity. This is not intended to frighten you, but merely encourage you to look closely at the facts and what’s in your...

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The Most Unique Christmas Gift for One and All

New Zealand Organic Wool Dryer Balls will surprise and delight anyone on your holiday list. As the shopping clock ticks-ticks-ticks away, the holiday Christmas gift giving season grows ever closer. But, what if you still have 15, 20, or more people you want to gift, but you’re puzzled about what to give them? Ta-da! Stop worrying. We have the perfect solution to your Christmas gift puzzler. Island Slumber New Zealand Organic Wool Dryer Balls! Is there anyone on your list who doesn’t have laundry to do? Whether they do it themselves or send it out, these unique wool dryer balls are the answer to perfectly dried, fluffy, wrinkle-free, soft laundry that’s ready to wear. [These little dynamos are so popular...

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