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Detox Your Laundry Room with New Zealand Organic Dryer Balls

It may shock you to learn that products in your laundry room are toxic, but it’s a fact. We tend to get too comfortable with products in our laundry simply because we’ve used them for so long we don’t think about it much. But it is a fact that dryer sheets contain highly toxic substances that can be bad for your skin, your breathing, and the environment. On average, a household contains over 60 toxic chemicals and we’re exposed to them daily. Ingredients in common household products have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity. This is not intended to frighten you, but merely encourage you to look closely at the facts and what’s in your...

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The Most Unique Christmas Gift for One and All

New Zealand Organic Wool Dryer Balls will surprise and delight anyone on your holiday list. As the shopping clock ticks-ticks-ticks away, the holiday Christmas gift giving season grows ever closer. But, what if you still have 15, 20, or more people you want to gift, but you’re puzzled about what to give them? Ta-da! Stop worrying. We have the perfect solution to your Christmas gift puzzler. Island Slumber New Zealand Organic Wool Dryer Balls! Is there anyone on your list who doesn’t have laundry to do? Whether they do it themselves or send it out, these unique wool dryer balls are the answer to perfectly dried, fluffy, wrinkle-free, soft laundry that’s ready to wear. [These little dynamos are so popular...

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Here’s a Holiday Gift for Mom that Keeps on Giving

Bamboo Sheets and Bedding with a Gravity Sleep Oasis® Weighted Blanket, a ‘gift bundle’ she will love! As the years pass by, it’s easy to run out of ideas for a holiday gift for Mom that would be special, different, and enjoyable. That’s why we decided to suggest a ‘gift bundle’ that any Mom would ‘ooh and aah’ over for years to come -- luxurious bamboo sheets, comforter, and Gravity Sleep Oasis® Weighted Blanket. Together, these gifts of comfort and luxury offer endless nights of deep, restful, healthy sleep that Mom might not otherwise get. Bamboo is referred to as the ‘new cotton’ because it embodies so much more than cotton in terms of health benefits. Bamboo is also a...

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Oh Look, It’s Snowing Organic New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls!

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to experience the long-lasting benefits. Your gift-giving this Christmas season can have a creative, new twist by showering family and friends with Organic New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls! This eco-friendly, non-toxic, super long-lasting dynamo from Island Slumber makes laundry day so much easier and much more rewarding. Far too many people are using dryer sheets in their dryers. It’s alarming because dryer sheets contain acetaldehyde, "potentially carcinogenic to humans". This toxic chemical can adversely impact the kidneys, nervous, and respiratory systems, also causing eczema and other skin problems. Dryer sheets also contain quaternary ammonium compounds which are considered highly toxic to wildlife. If that isn’t reason enough to throw out the dryer sheets...

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The Perfect Gift for Him (and You) - Bamboo Sheets

Comfort and Luxury Make Cozy Bedfellows Sometimes finding the perfect gift for him at the holidays is much more difficult than gifts for anyone else. But if you narrow it down to a gift idea that is both unique and practical, you’ll see how bamboo sheets are indeed -- the perfect gift for him. Whether it’s your dad, uncle, brother, nephew, best friend, or significant other, they will love you for a gift that truly keeps on giving - bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets embody comfort and luxury which creates better, deeper, more natural sleep. And, who doesn’t need more of that? No matter which ‘him’ is on your holiday gift list, consider the benefits of bamboo sheets. Bamboo is the...

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