Unhealthy Food Cravings Caused by Missed Sleep

What is it that makes food so irresistible late at night, especially if you’ve been out with friends or at a party? Scientists have confirmed what we might have suspected – losing sleep makes you hungrier. They even say that for every hour of missed sleep, you eat about 200 extra calories the next day. Yikes!

Research has found that sleep-deprived people not only eat more, but also rack up those extra calories from simple carbohydrates and fat, so things like a waffle soaked in butter and syrup sounds wonderful.

Don’t worry too much about one night of missed sleep. It won’t completely throw your diet off balance. But if you skimp on sleep as a habit, you won’t be able to make up for all those days of missed sleep that keep piling up.

Sleep researchers tell us it is not how long you sleep that matters, but rather variations in how long you sleep. In other words, it may be more important to have a regular sleep pattern than to sleep longer one day and shorter on another.

And to help yourself be more inclined to scurry off to sleep, consider your sleep environment. Is it cool and not too well lit up by gadgets, phones, and television? If your Sleep Oasis® (as we like to call it) is designed for healthy sleep, you’ll look forward to sliding between your luxurious, naturally hypoallergenic bamboo sheets and under your plush bamboo comforter.

You can leave behind the cares of the day and finally get the needed sleep and restorative lift that comes from it. Think of Island Slumber as your sleep assistant. Not only can you buy beautifully, multi-colored bamboo bedding and accessories, you will help sustain Mother Earth when you do. How? Each purchase goes toward planting a new tree with the help of our partner, American Forests.

We call it living green and you’ll discover the good feeling you get knowing you’re contributing to sustaining our planet’s ecological balance.

Create Your Home Sleep Oasis® with the Softest Bedding

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