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What’s Your Ideal Sleep Position?

Determining your most well-suited sleep position means a more rejuvenating sleep with less pain and annoyance. Not only is sleeping important, but also what position you sleep in. Many studies and research have been done to suggest there are preferred sleep positions that best accommodate certain conditions or maladies. Here are some of the most common conditions many people wrestle with in an attempt to get a good night’s rest. Following these tested recommendations could greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Shoulder Pain Certain positions, such as sleeping on your side, can put additional stress on your shoulder because sleeping on your side causes your shoulder to bear a lot of the weight of your torso. Try sleeping on...

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Foods that Help You Sleep Better

What you nibble on late at night will affect how well you sleep. Is there anything worse than trying to get to sleep with a hungry, rumbling tummy? Settling into a restful position is near impossible when your brain is saying, “feed me, feed me,” like a spoiled child. So up you go, wandering into the kitchen in search of a snack, a morsel, a comfort food of some sort that will let you get back to your much-needed sleep. Now the decision of what’s it to be? That is the impending question, but making the right decision is very key to whether you will, in fact, get back to sleep and better yet, sleep well. Sleep affects every aspect...

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