The 7 Dimensions of Wellness

Achieving wellness happens only with discipline and a true desire to live well and long.

Wellness is about good health and well-being, but it’s much more than that. Wellness is also very much about prevention and lifestyle, so that every day of your life can be active, rewarding, and fulfilling. The seven dimensions of wellness describe how to be mindful of wellness and stay engaged in life at its best.  

1. Your emotions

Emotional wellness means you can cope with life’s challenges and show trustworthy, respectful behavior. Humor, laughter, interaction with other people all contribute to balance and greater awareness. Find new, entertaining things you enjoy and share the fun with a friend.

2. Your mind

Whether you choose to paint, join a theater company, write a book, teach a class or take one, you are challenging your mind to stay alert and engaged. Keeping your mental perspective active and stimulated will help ensure wellness.

3. Your body

Lifestyle choices can make or break your health. If you want the ability to participate in physical activity such as bicycling, running, golfing, or whatever, make good choices like choosing healthy foods that provide good nutrition; getting plenty of deep, restful sleep; managing stress; and limiting alcohol intake. Healthy choices make you feel better, look better, and perform better.

4. Your work

When you work at something you enjoy where you can put your skills to the test, you get personal gratification, as well as contribute to society. Whether you work for pay or do volunteer work, both require a commitment to maintaining your skills and learning new ones, along with helping others progress. Do what you love and keep your wellness in check.

5. Your social life

Social interactions with family, friends, and neighbors contribute enormously to your wellness. You may enjoy belonging to a club, traveling, visiting friends and family, or participating in intergenerational experiences like helping to build homes for the homeless or working with school children on a science project or quilt-making. Staying involved and having a healthy social life makes you feel more relevant and balanced.


6. Your beliefs

Life with meaning and purpose can be a life well-lived. And when it’s guided by personal values, the feelings of well-being and connection are more deeply felt and shared. Group activities such as yoga or tai chi, personal meditation and experiencing nature are ways to gain more spiritual growth and a wellness balance.

7. Your environment

Being a good steward of your environment means respecting resources by choosing to ‘live green’ by recycling, buying sustainable, biodegradable products such as bamboo bedding, and respecting the Earth in general.

It also means helping to encourage active, greener environments such as walking paths, meditation and vegetable gardens, and other living green projects.


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