Sleeping Cozy, Comfy, and Naked Under Your Bamboo Sheets.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’re getting ready to go to sleep?

 Ah, yes, relaxing, turning off the noise of the day, feeling the comfy, cool sheets against your skin as you wrap yourself in the luxury of blissful rest. Did we forget to mention taking off all your clothes so you can feel more naturally free and untethered to sleep better?

 This is your recipe for deep, healthy, ‘wake-up-feeling-refreshed’ sleep.

 But this sleep better scenario doesn’t just happen without some thought and preparation on your part. Here’s what you need to do to set the stage.

  •     Create your Sleep Oasis® by putting luxurious bamboo sheets, pillows, pillowcases, and comforter on your bed. Luscious colors to choose from.
  •     Turn on your natural Himalayan salt lamp to purify the air.
  •     Adjust the temperature to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or less.
  •     Close the shades or curtains to block out the light. Turn off all digital devices including the TV.
  •     Put your 3D Blackout Sleep Mask at your bedside (if you need later).
  •     Now, slide out of your clothes. If you choose to shower or bathe before bedtime, do so at least 30 minutes before retiring.
  •     Do your deep breathing exercise to slow down.
  •     Now you’re ready to sleep.

 Is there anything more satisfying than a full, restful, good night’s sleep?

 Next morning is like waking up to a new life. You feel so rested, so renewed, you fairly fly out of bed. Coffee or tea, juice, or breakfast smoothie has never tasted better.

 Today, work is a breeze. In fact, you have never enjoyed it more. Associates are asking you why you’re so peppy? (They want to know your secret). Well, don’t be greedy. Go ahead and tell them. After all, they deserve to sleep better and feel better, too, right?

 This scenario is a sampler of how mindful, deep, restful sleep can make a difference in your life. At Island Slumber we believe that helping people sleep better, more naturally, healthier, and consistently is an important commitment. We also encourage living green--that is, making choices in products that are sustainable, such as bamboo.

Island Slumber bamboo bedding is 100 percent the real deal. Nothing artificial. Because bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, microbe resistant, and organically wicking, we can assure you of greater comfort and improved sleep.

 Finally, we think it’s important to care about our planet. We know that climate change is real. We know that trees are a vital part of our ecosystem. That’s why our “Plant a Tree” program is an integral part of our culture.

 Each purchase you make with Island Slumber means a new tree will be planted somewhere in the U.S. by American Forests, our trusted affiliate and partner.

 So, you see sleeping better encompasses a lot of things. Yes, you’ll feel the immediate benefits and sleep better (especially if your consistent); but you will also be intentionally ‘living greener’ because your helping restore the forests of our country.

 It’s really quite simple. Sleep better, feel better. You only have to try it to be convinced. Besides, think of all the money you’ll save by not buying nightgowns and pajamas.

Your Sleep Oasis® is Only a Click Away

What it really comes down to is this. Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. And finding the best possible sleep environment is the first step to getting the sleep you need for healthy emotional balance. Create your own personal Sleep Oasis®,complete with the natural luxury of bamboo sheets,pillows, and sleep essentials.

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