How to Work from Home and Still Get the Sleep You Need

Many people are accustomed to remote working, but for many others it’s a not-so-easy adjustment.

Like thousands of other people, you are probably working from home due to the coronavirus crisis. While it may sound inviting at the onset, working from home has its challenges, along with advantages, too, of course.

You’ll eventually adjust to the odd hours and you may even grow to like them better, so you might discover that working in the evening or super early morning offers more quiet time to focus on the work.

One thing to think seriously about is your sleep routine. That’s easily disrupted when your schedule is different and it may feel like you have oodles of free time to work when you feel like it. Keep in mind that you still need sleep -- deep, restful, restorative sleep, so by all means, do not work in bed or even in your bedroom

As we have always recommended, the bedroom or your Sleep Oasis®, as we like to call it, must be separate from where you work. It’s essential because you need to leave the stress, the demands, and the brain ticklers on the other side of your bedroom door.

Good sleep is the foundation of good health and for far too long the concept of “burning the midnight oil” has been associated with hard work and success. But you cannot be successful without consistent, restful sleep, no matter who you are or where you work.

Here are some sleep tips to help you while you’re working remotely and for that matter, any other time, too.

  • Commit to a cut-off time for technology when you sign out from your remote job or freelancing responsibilities.
  • Design a workday shut-down and evening routine to help you unwind from work stress.
  • Do not work from your bedroom -- designate a separate space if at all possible.
  • Leave your phone in a different room and use a traditional alarm clock (if you need one at all). If you can’t pry yourself away from your phone, use an app like Sleep Cycle to track your sleep quality and recognize unhealthy patterns.

Eat Healthy Working Remotely or Not

Working remotely presents an opportunity to eat more home-cooked meals than you would at an office. At the very least, you can choose to take your lunch break when you’re hungry, eat away from your desk, or have healthy food delivered at your convenience.

Stay in Shape - Get Up and Move Around

Whether you start the morning with push-ups or go for a walk during those two-hour conference calls, make sure you move your body. Schedule breaks throughout the day to stand up, walk around, get on the treadmill, or do some sit-ups or squats.

Stay Mentally Healthy

Loneliness, depression, and anxiety are prevalent in a remote lifestyle, even for semi-retired, passive income digital nomads. Stay in a good mood through meditation, reading, or journaling. Go outside and listen to the birds. Feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

Whether you’re working from home temporarily or you’re a regular remote worker, remember to carve time out of your schedule for restorative, deep sleep, healthy food, and a sound body and mind.

Your Sleep Oasis® Starts Here

If you haven’t taken the time to create your own Sleep Oasis®, what better time than now while you’re at home indefinitely. Creating the best possible sleep environment is the first step to getting the sleep you need for healthy emotional balance. Create your own personal Sleep Oasis®, complete with the natural luxury of bamboo sheets, pillows, and sleep essentials.

Your Sleep Oasis® is Only a Click Away

What it really comes down to is this. Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. And finding the best possible sleep environment is the first step to getting the sleep you need for healthy emotional balance. Create your own personal Sleep Oasis®,complete with the natural luxury of bamboo sheets,pillows, and sleep essentials.

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