How to Get Ideal Sleep: Bamboo Sheets, Cool Dark Room, Clean Air and No Clothes.

Who doesn’t need more quality sleep these days? The ‘busy-ness’ of life, family, career, retirement, travel, pets, and who knows what else keeps most of us on alert 24/7. Finding the right combination of time and place to get the deep, restful sleep we need can be challenging, but not impossible.

Here’s an idea that works if you’re willing to make the time and effort to see it through.

Step One

How inviting is your bedroom? That’s an important first step because this should be your Sleep Oasis® as we lovingly refer to it. The room where you sleep should be cool and dark, meaning close the shades or curtains and keep the devices OFF. Cool means 67 to 71 degrees. Not to worry, you can always add more covers.

Step Two

How inviting is your bed? Are you using Island Slumber Bamboo Sheet Sets and Pillowcases with Memory Foam Pillows and a luxurious bamboo comforter or Gravity weighted blanket? If not, you know where to get them. Color is a factor so choose your favorite or go with something soothing and relaxing like soft blue or aqua. Island Slumber has lots of color choices.

Step Three

Purify the air with your Himalayan Salt Lamp, hand carved from 100 percent Himalayan Crystal Salt in a one-of-a-kind natural shape, glowing gently on its wooden base. These unique lamps reduce dust, pollen, smoke and other impurities from the air. The soothing effect is ideal if you suffer from allergies or asthma. The relaxing amber light makes wonderful mood lighting. Keep it on all night or turn it off if you sleep better with the room darker.

Step Four

Lavender Oil has an amazing relaxing effect. If you find you need to calm down a bit, just rub 2-3 drops of lavender oil on your palms, then inhale. You can also rub lavender oil on your feet, temples, and wrists to further reduce stress. It’s a definite sleep aid and it smells wonderful.

Step Five (if you need it)

Some people need total darkness to get to sleep, so the Island Slumber 3D Blackout Sleep Mask comes in handy. It’s adjustable, lightweight, won’t smudge makeup, and won’t interfere with REM sleep.

Step Six

At last, you’re ready to slide into bed and enjoy the luxury of your soft, bamboo sheets and pillow. Maybe you decided to shower, so you’re feeling very relaxed. The next and final step before you drift off to dreamland -- leave the nightgown on the hanger; put the pajamas back in the drawer. Rid yourself of all your clothing and you’re only wearing your birthday suit. Now you can close your eyes and leave the cares of the day behind you. You’re ready for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Sweet dreams.


If you’re missing any of the important components listed above to complete your Sleep Oasis®, remember to contact Island Slumber. What you want could even be on sale. We have amazing sales all the time, so get in touch.  We look forward to serving you. Now, get back to sleep.

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