Gray: The Trending Color for Infinite Possibilities


Gray is the color of calm and composure, a respite from the chaos. Gray is neither black nor white, but as gray gets closer to black it becomes more mysterious and dramatic. As gray nears the white spectrum, it becomes livelier and revealing.

Gray is relaxing, subdued, and quieter, but it holds infinite possibilities when it comes to decorating your Sleep Oasis®. Perhaps you’re redoing your bedroom walls or bathroom in a beautiful, timeless gray. Working with it as a backdrop in your sleep environment, you can add splashes of color to accentuate its subtlety.


What better way to ensure a peaceful, healthy sleep than to slip into beautiful, silky gray sheets. It’s like a blank canvas waiting for your colorful dreams and relaxing ideas to bring it to life.

Bring elegance to your room with soft tones. Island Slumber has a selection of gray colors that match your sleep personality. Harbor Mist Gray is a light and airy gray. These are made with luxurious pure bamboo fabric -- even softer than Egyptian cotton. Sea Haze Gray is apart of our 1800 Collection, both are light and airy, but Wet Slate Gray offers a dramatic, dark gray.


You can feel good about your Island Slumber purchases in more ways than one. You can plant a tree with each purchase. Our partnering with American Forests means they plant a tree each time you buy any Island Slumber merchandise. We believe it is important to help protect and restore our forest ecosystems, not only in the U.S. but throughout the world.

Colors affect us emotionally, psychologically and even contribute to our sleep habits. Did you ever wonder what color you are? Take the color quiz and find out. The results might even help you decide your best color selections for your Sleep Oasis®.

Sea Haze Gray 1800 Collection

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Wet Slate Gray 1800 Collection

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Harbor Mist Gray Pure Bamboo

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