Feng Shui: How to Design Your Home for Good Energy

When you arrive home after a particularly harrowing day, the last thing you want is to feel distressed about the chaos of the space. If the furniture layout in your home isn’t conducive to the way you use the space, you’ll feel zapped of energy and end up spending your weeknights in the fetal position on the couch in front of the television. All day you look forward to getting off of work, do you really want to spend your down time lying on your side until it’s time for bed? Is compartmentalizing your life based around on-and-off times a sustainable way of living? Not really, you can’t wait for things to happen, you have to make them happen.

To live a more active and fulfilling life, you need to start with making changes. Though it has been described as a pseudoscience, the Chinese philosophy Feng Shui has been said to influence energy in the home through the arrangement of elements in the living space. Feng Shui (meaning wind-water) is an ancient Chinese discipline that continues to be practiced in home, landscape and office design today. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to look at Feng Shui in the home.

Feng Shui: Elemental Design

The principle of Feng Shui is to arrange the elements of the natural and built worlds to create a harmonious exchange of energy (the chi) to establish balance in daily life. Feng Shui is made up of five elements, each with their own symbolism, attributes and colors:

Feng Shui: How to Design Your Home for Good Energy

The purpose of Feng Shui is to find the balance between the elements. To create harmony in the home, you will need to create a chart to plot out the areas in your home (and in your life) that most need balance. This chart is called the bagua. The bagua, meaning “eight areas,” represent areas in your life that require positive chi. These areas include:

  • Fame
  • Love and Fidelity
  • Creativity
  • Family
  • Career
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Finances

To influence the chi, you need to arrange your built and natural environment to complement each other.

Your living space must be clutter free. Air and light are two important chi transmitters, and if the chi cannot move about the room, it will stagnate. You don’t want a room stuffed to the gunnels with stagnate chi! To create a positive flow of energy, hang wall art, (such as a mirror or other reflective pieces) on opposite walls to bring more light into the living space. Keep your windows open (when the weather allows for it) and paint the space in a color that reflects your element. Your element works similarly to your zodiac sign. It channels energy and influences your life. By painting your living space in your opposite element’s color, you are balancing your chi, keeping things simple and uncomplicated.

When it comes to the furniture arrangement, your back should never face a window or open door, that will zap your energy. Keep the walking paths clean and ornament free, and make sure anything that reminds you of a negative experience or gives you anguish is removed from your home, as it will only feed into negative energy.

Your home should be a place of delight, joy and pleasure. What’s the point of rushing home after work if you’re only going to sit in a pool of stagnate chi? You will improve your life when your home reflects the philosophy of Feng Shui.

Written by Natalie Bracco for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.

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