Bamboo is Better for You and the Environment


Silky and soft to the touch, but not slippery. Naturally breathable with the ability to absorb moisture. Organically thermal regulating. Will not adhere to the human body. Warm in winter. Cool in summer.

These are just some of the benefits of bamboo fabric. But what about cotton?

What about Cotton?

Egyptian cotton has reigned as king of cotton for generations due to its softness and durability. But do cotton sheets have natural antibacterial properties? Are they hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria build-up?

The short answer is, no. Although cotton is gentle to the skin, it does not have any special health benefits like bamboo. And if being more comfortable and healthier isn’t enough, bamboo fabrics are exceptionally sustainable.

Bamboo is called the new cotton.

Bamboo requires no pesticides or irrigation to grow and replenishes itself in 3-5 years. This makes bamboo very cost-effective to grow, plus it adds 30 percent more oxygen to Earth’s atmosphere than other plants or trees.

Bamboo is called the new cotton.

Here at Island Slumber, we love the idea that bamboo leaves a kinder footprint on our planet and the fact that it embodies so many amazing organic qualities makes the choice for green-minded customers an easy one. Bamboo is simply better for you and the environment.

We support the idea of ‘living green’ with our Plant a Tree Program. Purchase with a Purpose simply means that each purchase you make with us is rewarded with the planting of a new tree by American Forests, the nation’s oldest national conservation organization. Like us, they are committed to restoring and protecting forests throughout the U.S.

Island Slumber’s organic bamboo sheets and bedding will help you create your personal Sleep Oasis®. That’s the place where sleeping well comes naturally wrapped in the assurance of quality bedding. We make it easy for you to transform your sleep environment with the luxury and comfort that only comes with choosing the very best.

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