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Sleeping in a dark environment is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to sleep better…

Island Slumbers luxury 3D sleep mask provides velvety darkness for a blissful slumber.

The key is the 3D design, this soft and luxurious mask rests on the face around the eye area, it does not touch the eye directly providing maximum eye coverage...

It is fully adjustable creating a personalized fit with 100% blackout. The thin memory foam layer is soft and lite...

The hollow eye contours prevent pressure on your eyes which encourages the 4 stages of sleep, the type of sleep that makes you feel well rested and ready to take on the day...

Our luxurious 3D sleep mask is a natural sleep aid…

Perfect for

Resting, naps, work recharge, meditation, and traveling....

May also help with

Insomnia, headaches, post surgery pain, tiredness from hours at the computer, and dry eye sufferers…

Sleep longer in complete darkness….

As part of our mission to help over 1 million people sleep better we are offering our luxury 3D sleep mask at a huge discount!

You might be asking yourself “Why are you practically giving away your luxury 3D sleep mask?”


When we discount the sleep mask, we think you’ll love it so much, that you’ll tell everyone you know to come buy one from us!

And maybe, just maybe…

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This is an extremely limited offer, so grab your Luxury 3D Sleep Mask while supplies last! NO Limit.


  • Total blackout for restful sleep

  • Will not smudge makeup

  • Adjustable straps to fit all sizes

  • Does not interfere with REM sleep

  • Lightweight and washable


Package Includes:

  • 3D Sleep Mask

  • Sleep Mask Pouch

  • Ear Plugs


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