My goodness! What can I say? I've Been having horrible sleep, being desperate, I bought a mask at the store. It was awful. I could see light at around my nose and below my eyes and it was so tight on my eyes (no matter how much I loosened it) that it actually hurt. I have autoimmune disease and it causes my eyes to be very tender. It was awful. The next day, I found out about this 3D sleep mask. I'll admit, I didn't expect much and it looked sort of weird. I got it in the mail and tried it on. I couldn't see any light, whatsoever! It is adjustable and the best part, is the "hallowed out" areas for my eyes. No pressure on them, at all! The mask is uniformly thick, so the edges didn't feel different than the rest. I'm so very happy with my purchase. Now I want them in the other colors! - Heidi M. 

Love these bath bombs. Super fragrant leaves me feeling soft and relaxed.– Maya 

We are very pleased with the high quality of the bed sheet we bought from Island Slumber. We plan to get another set or 2. - Lien H. 

Finally, I found a pillow that is sooo... comfy, sleeping great now! Thank you Island Slumber! – Deb K.

I normally wouldn't buy sheets this expensive, but they are SO worth it! They are incredibly comfortable and feel delicious on your skin! Don't think I can ever go back to cotton! – Leslie

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