With Island Slumber Bamboo Pillowcases You’ll Get Better Sleep, Healthier Hair, and Lovelier Skin -- All at Once


If it sounds too crazy to be true, read on. Changing something as simple as your pillowcases can make an astonishing difference in how you feel, look, perform, and live.

 What if you could wake up feeling unbelievably rested, ready to take on the world, with a glowing complexion, and softer, shinier, untangled hair? Does it sound too good to be true, like an impossible dream?

 Well you’ll be glad to know it isn’t a dream, but an actual reality -- if you make one smart decision to start sleeping on Island Slumber Bamboo Pillowcases.

 There’s a lot of talk out there about how sleeping on silk pillowcases is the ultimate experience. Celebrity hairstylists talk about it. But before you buy into all the hype, look closely at the many benefits bamboo offers that silk simply does not.

 For starters, bamboo is remarkably less expensive. And bamboo’s value is even more relevant when you realize how much more it does for you besides just saving you money. And let’s not forget how bamboo is sustainable and very eco-friendly.

Breathability & Softness

Because silk has such a tight weave it can prevent healthy airflow. That means you’ll be thrashing about looking for a cooler spot between the sheets. Bamboo is a naturally breathable fabric, letting air flow through the fabric to keep your face and head cool, dry, and comfortable when you sleep.

Staying cool contributes to healthier skin and hair, too, so you won’t wake up looking like a haystack and sweating like a marathoner. On the softness scale, bamboo is often compared to cashmere and soothes your skin with a kiss of gentleness.

Hypo-Allergenic & Antimicrobial

It’s true, both silk and bamboo share allergy-free properties, however, bamboo also resists fungus and other microbes, and it has the ability to wick away moisture that can cause unpleasant smells. Bamboo pillowcases are the number one choice of people with allergies.

Bamboo’s antimicrobial properties ensure your skin and hair are free from unhealthy microbes. And bamboo’s natural wicking keeps skin fresh and dry and hair tangle-free with less friction on your pillowcase, and that’s healthier for your hair, eyelashes, and skin. Natural bamboo relieves any friction with its smooth, cool texture, helping to prevent follicle breakage on your hair.

Easy Care & Longer Lasting

Bamboo will not snag or unravel with a scratch of from a broken fingernail. And unlike other fabrics, bamboo gets even softer with every wash. Shrinkage is minimal and your bamboo sheets will far outlast cotton or silk by years.

Bamboo pillowcases are easy to wash and require no special detergent. Silk requires delicate care and many people suggest dry cleaning is best for the long term.

The bottom line is this. Few, if any, fabrics can claim the authentic, natural benefits of bamboo, and Island Slumber pillowcases are 100 percent bamboo, not woven with synthetic fibers of any kind. With a selection of eight beautiful colors, Island Slumber bamboo pillowcases along with matching sheets will transport you to a restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep and give you healthier skin and hair all at once. You’ll look and feel so good, your friends will start to ask you what your secret is. We do hope you’ll share it with them.

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