Sleep Better after Soaking in a Deep Soaking Tub

Whether it’s a hot tub or deep soaking tub, hydrotherapy is an amazing benefit to good, healthy sleep.

Not only will your aching joints and muscles feel better, you will also sleep deeper and longer when you soak away your cares in a deep soaking tub. Whether it’s a  hot tub out back or a hydrotherapy tub inside, the effects are the same.

About one-third of American adults suffer from some kind of sleep disorder according to the CDC, which means that improving your nightly rest should be a top priority. The science behind soaking in warm water and achieving better sleep goes like this.

Soaking in hot water approximately 90 minutes before going to bed triggers your body’s internal thermostat to lower your temperature. The gradual drop in body temperature can induce drowsiness, leaving you more prepared for sleep. The sudden temperature shift can also stimulate your body’s production of endorphins, which are natural pain-killing hormones. The combined relaxing effects of hydrotherapy continue long after you exit the tub, resulting in a deeper and longer-lasting sleep.

You can further encourage that feeling of sleepiness by turning down the thermostat in your sleep chamber to 69-70 degrees F. The increased blood flow in the rest of your body caused by the warm water will also divert some blood from the head, which reduces brain activity and settles your busy, active mind.

A mere five minutes in a deep soaking tub can cause your blood pressure and heart rate to drop, preparing you for better sleep.

Adjust the temperature of the water to no higher than 104 degrees F, as going to bed while still hot or sweaty won’t help you sleep. Consume plenty of water before soaking, as hot water can accelerate dehydration. But be careful, as too much right before bed will encourage more middle-of-the-night bathroom visits. As with any hot tub use, users who are pregnant or have certain medical conditions such as diabetes should consult with a medical professional before using a deep soaking tub.

Some people turn to their doctor or pharmacist for sleep medication, but these drugs come with their own side-effects and costs, and can leave you feeling groggy and disoriented in the morning. A quick warm soak before bedtime can be a good alternative to achieving a restful sleep without the use of medication.

Adding essential oils to the hot tub water can also encourage further relaxation. Lavender is an especially good choice, as is eucalyptus. Five to 10 drops of these soothing essential oils should suffice for smaller tubs.Island Slumber’s essential oils include lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Or choose our natural bath salt soak to relieve aches and pains as you de-stress.

Considering that sleep is one of the most basic needs next to eating and breathing, it’s important to take it seriously. Studies show that people who get more sleep are often healthier and happier individuals.

Give it a try and see for yourself. Avoid electronic screens, eat a smaller meal, skip the alcohol, and take a good long soak in your tub before hitting the sack. Your body will thank you, and so will your future self when you wake up refreshed the next morning. 

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