Bamboo: The Most Sustainable, Renewable Resource on Planet Earth.

There are thousands of ways bamboo is used daily throughout the world. At Island Slumber, we believe that sleeping on luxurious bamboo sheets and bedding is the most comforting.

Would it surprise you to know that over 2.5 billion people throughout the world use bamboo for many versatile purposes -- each? Belonging to a subfamily of grass, bamboo is one of the most versatile plants on planet earth and by far, the most sustainable.

If you’re using bamboo in a building project, for instance, you’ll discover its distinct advantages. Extreme elasticity, fire resistant, and because bamboo’s fibers run axially, it has a stronger tensile strength than steel!

Bamboo is naturally pesticide resistant and helps to rebuild eroded soil. It is antifungal, antibacterial, and can grow as much as 2 ft in one day. It also absorbs a high amount of carbon dioxide and emits high levels of oxygen. Thank you, bamboo, for giving us cleaner air. Another reason to love it.

Sustainable, renewable bamboo is widely used for textiles, such as Island Slumber’s amazing bamboo sheet sets. Island Slumber bedding is 100 percent bamboo, not woven with synthetic fibers of any kind. So be aware -- often a product is advertised as bamboo when it is actually rayon. Rayon is reconstituted cellulose fibers. It is a production process that is toxic and releases pollutants into the air.

If you’re committed to the idea of “living green”, when you purchase products then you probably look for the word sustainable on the label. Sustainable simply means the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and supporting long-term ecological balance.

Island Slumber is committed to sustainable products with a serious focus on living green.  Bu offering extreme quality products made from bamboo we deliver premier plush, breathable, hypoallergenic sheets and bedding to our customers.

Bamboo is a crucial element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  A grove of bamboo release 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. Because of this, planting bamboo is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help fight global warming. A perfect choice in products made from the most sustainable, renewable resource on Earth.

Living green is much more than a trend at Island Slumber. It’s a lifelong commitment to being responsible for our planet. Not everyone takes it serious enough, but making informed decisions about what you buy and consume creates a more responsible and healthier lifestyle, as well as a greener planet.

Purchase with a Purpose is the catch phrase for Island Slumber’s Plant a Tree program. Each purchase you make means a new tree gets planted somewhere in the U.S. by American Forests, the nation’s oldest national conservation organization, committed to restoring and protecting forests throughout our country.

Living green is a concept Island Slumber supports in more ways than one. We want to help you create your personal Sleep Oasis® with the most sustainable, luxurious bedding on Earth - bamboo sheets and bedding. You’ll sleep better and feel better about every purchase you make.


Live green with Island Slumber and love it.

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