10 Reasons Why Bamboo Bedding is Best for Deep Sleep

Do you have a Sleep Oasis®? If not, it’s easy to create one with luxurious bamboo bedding.

If you’ve never experienced the pleasure of bamboo bedding, you probably wonder what all the talk is about. But for those of us who revel in the pleasure of slipping into bamboo bedding at night there’s little doubt why we would never go back to cotton or silk.

Sadly, restful, deep sleep is not enjoyed by everyone. In fact, millions of Americans suffer from various sleep disorders that have a monumental impact on their well-being. Bamboo bedding can significantly improve erratic sleep. Here are 10 of the most obvious, proven reasons why people say yes to bamboo bedding and create their Sleep Oasis® with it.

  1.   Silky softness - If you think silk is the ultimately soft fabric, think again. Bamboo caresses you as you sleep. Your sheets, pillowcases, comforter will wrap you in comfort.
  2.   Breathability - Because bamboo is naturally breathable, the temperature is always self-adjusting; your cool and your warm when you need to be.
  3.   Hypoallergenic - Allergy sufferers love bamboo because it is organically hypoallergenic. Say good-bye to sniffles and sneezes when you choose bamboo.
  4.   Microbe resistant - Bamboo is a natural when it comes to being microbe resistant. When bamboo grows it needs little or no pesticides because it resists pests on its own. Bamboo fabric inherits this same wonderful characteristic.
  5.   Consistently cooler - Ah, this may be my favorite thing about bamboo. Because of the fibers breathability, it’s always cool and soothing; yet keeps you snug and comfy.
  6.   Absorbent - Bamboo has natural wicking attributes which means no more bothersome night sweats. You’ll stay cool and dry all through the night.
  7.   Easy care - Bamboo requires no special care other than a gentle detergent and lukewarm water. Mild drying temperature restores it to new.
  8.   Longer lasting - Unlike other fabrics, bamboo is remarkably durable. Because it’s so soft and luxurious, you might think it would wear out easily, but it’s quite the opposite.
  9.   Eco-friendly - When you buy bamboo bedding products from Island Slumber, you are restoring American forests. We plant a tree for every purchase you make.
  10. Affordable -Forget about the high price tags on silk. Why spend money on silk when you can have the easy care, comfy softness, and all the other great things at half the cost?

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