Sleep Healthier and More Relaxed in the Buff

November 16, 2018

Sleep Healthier and More Relaxed in the Buff

Did you know that removing your clothes improves blood circulation? And did you know that quality sleep increases the release of hormones that have anti-aging benefits?

So, doesn’t it make sense that sleeping in the buff is naturally healthier? The answer is a decisive yes - especially if you have luxurious, bamboo sheets to slip into.

Other reasons to sleep sans-clothing include the fact that it’s easier and it makes you feel free and happy. It’s relaxing to be freed of the bondage of clothes, even if they’re pajamas or a favorite nighty.

Let’s face it, skin-to-skin contact is much nicer without clothes getting in the way. You could even find your sex life much improved and if that’s the case, you’ll probably sleep even better as a result.

Sleeping nude also helps keep your body temperature at the best ranges so your system can produce cortisol. Sleeping too warm causes your cortisol levels to be high which can cause anxiety, cravings, and weight gain.

We know that the best temperature for your sleeping environment is below 70 degrees (F). Sleeping without clothes helps to ensure your body stays cooler, regulating its melatonin and growth hormone levels. These are anti-aging hormones and they’re essential for good health.

Overall, there are some very compelling reasons to sleep naked. And back to what we were saying about sumptuous bamboo sheets. Not only will you enjoy the natural wicking feature of bamboo sheets that keep you cooler and dryer, you’ll also love the fact that bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic.

Select from colors that match your personality and mood, when you buy bamboo bedding from Island Slumber. Let us help you sleep better and "live green" with luxurious, bamboo sheets and bedding. And go ahead, put those pajamas away. You may never need them again.

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