Salt Lamps: Exotic Beauty that Cleans Your Environment

July 03, 2019

Salt Lamps: Exotic Beauty that Cleans Your Environment

Salt Lamps are decorative and exotic for sure, but did you know they are also healthy for the environment? Salt lamps attract water vapor and impurities and remove them from the air. That means salt lamps have a hygroscopic effect for those of you who like scientific definitions.Salt lamps are a clever supplemental lighting source while also providing relief from light allergies and asthma. To better understand how salt lamps work, let’s take a closer look.

A salt lamp is heated with a light bulb, and as Himalayan salt is heated, it provides two unique health benefits.

  • Because Himalayan salt is a hygroscopic substance, it attracts water from its surroundings. The salt draws in water molecules, and the irritants and allergens found in it, from your indoor air. When the salt is heated by the light bulb the water then evaporates back into the air but the trapped particles remain inside of the salt.
  • Salt lamps have also been shown to naturally release negative ions. When these ions are released, they attach to positive ions in the air like allergens, odors, and other common household particles. The positive and negative ion connection creates a particle that is too heavy to remain in the air, allowing it to fall to the floor where it’s picked up during routine cleaning.

Unlike traditional lighting, salt lamps emit a gentle orange, amber, or pink glow. This glow helps to create a more calming space and is the perfect choice for use as a night light.Salt lamps are great for any room where you desire cleaner indoor air. Place it on a counter, shelf, bedside table, or other surface. Plug it in and let it get to work.Salt lamps will clean about 16 square feet of space for every pound of salt, which makes great for smaller rooms. If your lamp weighs around 15 pounds, it should clean a room up to 240 square feet.

What makes these natural air cleaners so great is that they’re extremely affordable products. If you find you want to clean larger areas, you can place multiple lamps in different spots around the room to provide the coverage that you need. And you have the added benefit of the beautiful, calming light they emit.Himalayan salt lamps are extremely simple to clean and maintain. All you need is a damp cloth or sponge to clean the lamp every couple of weeks. Routine upkeep is pretty easy too. Most likely outside of cleaning the only maintenance your lamp will ever require is a quick change of the light bulb periodically.

You’ll love Island Slumber’s 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps, hand-carved in their own unique natural shapes on a wood base, each lamp is slightly different and may vary in shape size and color. And remember, when you make a purchase with us, we plant a tree with the help of our affiliate American Forests. Order you Himalayan Salt Lamp today and breathe fresher, cleaner air.

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