Nemuri – The Sleep Gene That Helps You Heal

June 14, 2019

Nemuri – The Sleep Gene That Helps You Heal

When you feel sick, what’s the first thing you want to do? Curl up somewhere cozy and go to sleep, right? There’s a reason for that and your brain knows what it is even if you don’t. New research reveals clues to how sleep is tied with our immune system function. Quality sleep contributes to faster healing and infection prevention.

Scientists have discovered a direct connection between quality sleep and our immune systems that offers answers to many sleep questions. A single gene known asnemuri has been identified that not only controls our need for sleep, but also generates a protein with powerful antimicrobial strengths that can play a leading role in fighting infection.

It’s commonly understood that sickness kicks in the need for more sleep, but the discovery of nemuri explains scientifically why we want and need to sleep more during sickness.

Nemuri's immune-boosting protein is secreted from our brain cells in the aftermath of an infection during deep, quality sleep. Sleep and our immune response work together to heal us.

There is no doubt that the nemuri protein is a real driver of keeping sleep on track under conditions of high sleep need like when we're sick and even over-stimulation of the protein is not a problem. It simply means you sleep even more soundly.

As further research continues into the nemuri protein, it goes without saying to get plenty of sleep when you’re ill. In fact, get plenty of sleep when you’re well and you’re less likely to get sick in the first place. Your immune system works hard to keep you functioning, so do your part to keep it in line with needed sleep.

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