How Quality Bedding Improves Your Sex Life

July 03, 2019

How Quality Bedding Improves Your Sex Life

When it comes to your bedding, clean probably outranks most things, but quality is important, too. After all, the way your sheets feel against your bare skin should not distract from special moments or a romantic mood. Bamboo is best for the ultimate quality bedding. Smooth, luxurious, breathable, and even naturally hypoallergenic. Combine that with an array of color options and you are making choices for the ultimate romantic Sleep Oasis® to improve your sex life.

While a clean, fresh smelling bed is appealing, believe it or not, so is a well-made bed. An organized bed and bedroom can set a romantic mood almost instantly. It says you are disciplined and care about intimacy. Besides, half the fun is getting to mess it up, right?

Your Sleep Oasis® should always be cool, regardless of the time of year. Generally, better sleep happens in a room at 67- 70 degrees Fahrenheit. And if the temperature of your room isn’t right, it is harder to feel in the mood. By all means, forget polyester sheets. They do not breathe -- at all. Bamboo is wonderfully breathable and stays cool and dry throughout the night. Choose quality bedding to improve your sex life.

Size matters when it comes to your bed and mattress. Considering the average person tosses and turns approximately 60 times per night, the value of a large bed is easy to understand. Many couples suffer 50 percent more sleep interruptions when sharing a bed. Hmmm, that’s something to consider for the long-term, after all, lack of sleep is a major contributor to low libido.

In a recent survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, participants who were asked how elements of the bedroom contributed to creating a romantic environment, they said a comfortable mattress and comfortable feel of the sheets and bedding were very important.Survey respondents also said sleeping on sheets with a fresh scent made it more alluring to go to bed. Most of the participants in the survey said they own an average of three to four sets of sheets for their bed, and some owning more.

More than 75 percent of the people in the survey said they get a better night’s rest when their sheets are freshly cleaned because they feel more comfortable, which puts them in a more romantic mood. Most said they wash their sheets no less than once a week and sometimes more.

Island Slumber is delighted that continue to help hundreds of people sleep better, healthier, more romantic lives with the superior, quality bedding made of bamboo. Helping you to create your ultimate Sleep Oasis® is what Island Slumber is all about. From bedding to all of your sleep essentials, we have it all.

 Remember, our partnership with American Forests means that with each purchase you make, a new tree is planted. How gratifying to know that you are giving back to Mother Earth and buying quality bedding that is sustainable. You can feel good aboutliving green and improving your sex life, too.

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What it really comes down to is this. Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. And finding the best possible sleep environment is the first step to getting the sleep you need for healthy emotional balance. Create your own personal Sleep Oasis®,complete with the natural luxury of bamboo sheets,pillows, and sleep essentials.

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