Choose Biodegradable Bamboo Products to Promote a Healthier Earth

October 30, 2018

Choose Biodegradable Bamboo Products to Promote a Healthier Earth

Let’s get scientifically correct for a moment on the topic of bamboo.

Although bamboo is often mistaken for a tree, it is, in fact, a perennial grass, classified in the family Poaceae (po-A-cee). There are 91 kinds and about 1,000 species of bamboo growing in Asia, Africa, and parts of the U.S. Some of the varieties of bamboo grow to 100 feet tall or more. Giant bamboo is by far the largest member of the grass family.

Now let’s look at the biodegradable attributes of bamboo. Because bamboo is 100 percent natural, it offers real peace of mind to conscientious ‘living green’ consumers. When bamboo products are ready to be discarded, rest easy. Bamboo will not clog the ecosystem like plastic or other products. Bamboo is totally biodegradable and can be easily composted and repurposed in earth-friendly ways, unlike other fibers which end up adding to overloaded landfills.

Responsible consumers who strive to ‘live green’ know that bamboo wins hands down when compared to other products, even cotton, that do not match up in comparison. While organic cotton may have fine qualities such as softness and breathability, it does not compare to bamboo for being naturally non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The fact that bamboo requires no toxic chemicals or pesticides to grow, simply means there are no risks to toxic elements showing up in bamboo fabrics; so, its biodegradability is even further enhanced.

Bamboo is 40 percent more absorbent than the finest organic cotton, drawing moisture away from your skin much faster and keeping you dry and comfortable. In fact, bamboo can absorb three times more water than its weight which means when it is made into a fabric, it is also able to diminish moisture faster.

Bamboo fabrics are silky and soft to the touch, but not slippery. They are also thermally regulating which means if you are sleeping on bamboo sheets, you’ll be cool and dry in summer and warm and comfortable in winter.

Island Slumber supports the idea that healthy sleep means a healthier you. We believe that once you have tried our luxurious bamboo sheets, pillow cases, pillows, and comforters, you’ll understand for yourself the difference.

‘Living green’ is a concept we have long supported and stand behind each purchase you make with a promise. We believe bamboo embodies properties that promote a better environment and work with American Forest, the oldest national conservation group in the U.S., to plant a new tree with each Island Slumber purchase you make.

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