Bamboo Helps You Live Green & Eco-Friendly in Many Ways

July 03, 2019

Bamboo Helps You Live Green & Eco-Friendly in Many Ways

If you’re reading this blog, you may already be one of Island Slumber’s‘Living Green’customers. If not, we hope you’ll soon join us.

 We call it ‘Living Green’, you may know the term as Eco-Friendly. Either way, it means the same thing. In these times of ecological unrest, more and more people are looking for ways to help save our environment. Climate change is a major concern of most well-informed people who want to make a positive difference.

Island Slumber is committed to doing our part in providing sustainable, quality, bamboo products that mean less toxins, less plastics, less pollution in our environment.Our superb, pure bamboo bedding is a staple for anyone who has ever tried it. Bamboo sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and comforters provide not only plush comfort and luxurious softness, they are naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Because bamboo has natural wicking attributes you stay dry throughout the night. And bamboo fabric is wonderfully breathable, keeping you cooler and comfier for better sleep.

If you’ve had the experience of sleeping on Island Slumber bamboo bedding, you already know about these benefits. Well, we have some new things to get excited about. We are introducing two more Eco-friendly, bamboo products that you’ll love.

 Our bamboo toothbrushes and bamboos straws are some of the newest products at Island Slumber. Did you know that millions of plastic toothbrushes turn up in the already overburdened waste disposal systems in our country every month?

 Your Island Slumber Bamboo toothbrush will not only become part of your ‘living green’ lifestyle, it will last for much longer than any ordinary plastic toothbrush. Even dentists are excited about this product!

 And if you’re thinking, “Why do I need a bamboo straw?”, consider this:When you go for a smoothie or milkshake, what do you do with straw when done?Do you save it and reuse it next time? Probably not. But with reusable, bamboo straws, you can carry them with you, tell the merchants to keep their plastic straw and voila! You’re being Eco-friendly and living greener.

Photo by Alena Kovalfrom Pexels

Photo by Creation Hillfrom Pexels

There are already popular brands initiating such Eco-friendly products, and Starbucks recently announced they are banning plastic straws by 2020. Even some leading food chains have switched to compo-stable straws, and who knows, they may be using bamboo straws in the near future!

 For those of us who truly care about making a positive impact on our environment it means changing some of our habits. Imagine if everyone did that on a grand scale. Our environment would become better and begin to heal itself.

Contact us today and place your order for all of our bamboo products and more. For every purchase, Island Slumber will plant a new tree to help replenish our diminishing forests. Trees emit valuable oxygen into the atmosphere and soak up the carbon dioxide that poisons our air. Bamboo helps protect our forests in ways that might surprise you. Besides, it just feels right to Eco-friendly and live green. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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