Are Your Pillows Making You Sick? Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows are the Answer!

July 03, 2019

Are Your Pillows Making You Sick? Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows are the Answer!

If you’re not sleeping on Island Slumber Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows, you might be risking your health. Dust mites, mold, and other toxins can live in your old pillows for a very long time. Is it worth the risk?Pillows are a very personal thing. We rely on them for support, comfort, and the constant scrunching and poking we give them throughout the night -- just to find the best sleep position.

 But if your pillow is not delivering a good night’s rest, it could be you’re expecting too much from it. Aside from comfort, pillows that are clean, fresh, and cool are a big step above average. Island Slumber Bamboo Memory Foam pillows offer all that and more. They provide the ultimate pillow experience with your good health front of mind.

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows provide a measurable difference:

  •    Plush invites a deep sleep with durability and comfort
  •    Hypoallergenic means no mold, bacteria, or dust mites; an allergy sufferer’s dream come true
  •    Cool results from airflow that circulates in a pillow that is breathable, optimizing sleep temperature
  •    Green equates to the most sustainable resource on Earth -- bamboo

 So why would you continue sleeping on a toxic pillow that could very possibly be making you sick, wrestling with it to find a comfortable position that just isn’t there?

 The answer is Island Slumber Memory Foam Pillows. Order yours today and save big. They come in Queen and King size. When you make your purchase, a new tree will be planted. Live green and feel good knowing you’re helping sustain Earth’s resources and buying bamboo bedding to improve your health.Take advantage of our 90-Day, Risk-Free, In-Home, Free Trial and savings. If you don’t absolutely love Island Slumber Memory Foam Pillows, just send them back to us. No worries.

Discover what you’ve been missing all this time and feel better with quality sleep.

Your Sleep Oasis® is Only a Click Away

What it really comes down to is this. Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. And finding the best possible sleep environment is the first step to getting the sleep you need for healthy emotional balance. Create your own personal Sleep Oasis®,complete with the natural luxury of bamboo sheets,pillows, and sleep essentials.

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