A Sleep Mask Goes Everywhere You Go

May 08, 2019

A Sleep Mask Goes Everywhere You Go

Some people would argue that blackout curtains are the sure way to sleeping better. Okay, after the trouble and expense of installing them, what happens when you’re traveling? You can’t exactly pack up your blackout curtains and take them with you!

Sleep masks are as mobile as you are and a lot more convenient. Especially when you can purchase top of the line sleep masks from Island Slumber at a special cost of only $9.99. Our superior quality 3D sleep mask is soft and luxurious and rests on the face around the eye area, not touching the eye directly. Made from high quality memory foam, the 3D sleep mask will block out all unwanted light even in the middle of the day. It also comes with high quality earplugs that will help diminish bothersome noise.

Light has an intense effect on quality sleep. In the early light of day, exposure to light stimulates our body and mind, encouraging us to wake up, be alert, use the energy we have stored up.

At night, light exposure stimulates alertness. That can be a serious problem for healthy, abundant, refreshing sleep. Light exposure during the evening makes it much harder to fall asleep. If you don’t have enough darkness throughout the night, you will be troubled with frequent and often prolonged awakenings.

How darkness influences sleep

The absence of light sends a critical signal to the body that it is time to rest. Light exposure at the wrong times alters the body's internal "sleep clock"—the biological mechanism that regulates sleep-wake cycles—in ways that interfere with both the quantity and quality of sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the brain's pineal gland and is often known as the "sleep hormone" or the "darkness hormone." Melatonin sends a signal to the brain that it is time for rest. Your body’s physiological responses prepare you for sleep—muscles begin to relax, feelings of drowsiness increase, body temperature drops.

Melatonin levels naturally rise during the early evening as darkness falls. These hormonal levels continue to climb throughout most of the night, before cresting at about 3 a.m. Melatonin levels then fall during the early morning and remain low during much of the day. Evening light exposure inhibits the naturally timed rise of melatonin, which delays the onset of the body's transition to sleep.

Wearing a sleep mask is a proven way to inhibit light exposure and allow you to get the much needed rest you need. If you work at night and must sleep during the day, a sleep mask can be a lifesaver for ensuring restful sleep.

Take advantage of Island Slumber’s 3D sleep mask sale going on right now. And, remember each purchase you make with Island Slumber ensure another new tree is planted by our affiliate, American Forests. It’s our way of giving back to Mother Earth and helping you feel good about‘living green.

Create Your Home Sleep Oasis® with Velvety Darkness

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Island Slumbers luxury 3D sleep mask provides velvety darkness for a blissful slumber.

The key is the 3D design, this soft and luxurious mask rests on the face around the eye area, it does not touch the eye directly providing maximum eye coverage...

It is fully adjustable creating a personalized fit with 100% blackout. The thin memory foam layer is soft and lite...

The hollow eye contours prevent pressure on your eyes which encourages the 4 stages of sleep, the type of sleep that makes you feel well rested and ready to take on the day...

Our luxurious 3D sleep mask is a natural sleep aid…

Perfect for

Resting, naps, work recharge, meditation, and traveling....

May also help with

Insomnia, headaches, post surgery pain, tiredness from hours at the computer, and dry eye sufferers…

Sleep longer in complete darkness….

As part of our mission to help over 1 million people sleep better we are offering our luxury 3D sleep mask at a huge discount!


  • Total blackout for restful sleep

  • Will not smudge makeup

  • Adjustable straps to fit all sizes

  • Does not interfere with REM sleep

  • Lightweight and washable


Package Includes:

  • 3D Sleep Mask

  • Sleep Mask Pouch

  • Ear Plugs


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"AMAZING! These are so comfortable and really do block out all of of the light! Haven't slept so good in a long time!"



"VERY COMFORTABLE, HAS SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED MY SLEEP. Some reviewers have complained that the strap creates a large, UNCOMFORTABLE to rest on bump between the back of the head and the pillow. For me it works to slide the strap down closer to my neck. That takes it out of the "line of fire", and still leaves it comfortably in place."

Bennett B



Island Slumber has great customer service and response time. The sleep mask arrived in less than a wk from order date. The sleep mask are soft, comfortable and block out light without pressing on your lashes.."

Katherine P.

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