3 Ways to Live Greener and Sleep Better

July 03, 2019

3 Ways to Live Greener and Sleep Better

Bamboo is naturally biodegradable, sustainable, hypoallergenic and microbe resistant.Sleep on it and see for yourself.


  1. Ditch Cotton. Sleep on Bamboo Bedding.  Although cottonis one of the most widely used fibers in the world, it is also one of the most depleting on land and water resources. Toxic pesticides and insecticides used in the production of cotton leave harmful traces in the land and water, creating health issues for humans, plants, and animals.

 Bamboo, on the other hand, has many positive attributes such as being totally biodegradable. Bamboo is commonly referred to as ‘the new cotton’ with its naturally hypoallergenic and microbe resistant properties. Organic wicking in the bamboo fibers makesIsland Slumber bedding naturally cool and dry as you sleep because bamboo is 40 percent more absorbent than the finest organic cotton. With a treasure-trove of colors from which to choose, Island Slumber helps you create the ultimate Sleep Oasis® for deeper, richer sleep.

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  1. Buy More Sustainable, Biodegradable Products. There’s lots of chatter about sustainable products nowadays. With topics in the mainstream such as climate change and living eco-friendly, we are reminded that positive changes are needed to protect our environment.

Biodegradable products such as bamboo are attracting the attention of many people who care about ‘living green’. Bamboo has amazing biodegradable attributes because it is 100 percent natural.

 Bamboo offers real peace of mind to conscientious ‘living green’ consumers. For instance, when bamboo products are ready to be discarded, rest easy. Bamboo will not clog the ecosystem like plastics and other products. Bamboo is totally biodegradable and can be easily composted and re-purposed in earth-friendly ways, unlike other fibers which end up adding to overloaded landfills.

 Responsible consumers who strive to ‘live green’ know that bamboo wins hands down when compared to other products, even cotton, that cannot match up in comparison. While organic cotton may have fine qualities such as softness and breath-ability, it does not compare to bamboo for being naturally non-toxic and hypoallergenic.


  1. Plant More Trees. Help Heal the Earth.  Island Slumber is a dedicated supporter of American Forests, the nation’s oldest national conservation organization, in their respected efforts to restore and protect forests. More than 50 million trees have been planted since 1990, in all 50 states and nearly 50 countries. We believe that our investment in American Forests will go a long way toward helping care for our planet Earth.

 You can ‘purchase with a purpose’ when you buy products from Island Slumber. We plant a tree for every purchase you make. Remember, trees are the life source for our eco-system and planet.


  •    Trees Provide Oxygen
  •    Trees Combat Climate Change
  •    Trees Reduce Violence
  •    Trees Provide Food
  •    Trees Heal


Live greenerand sleep ‘OH-so-much-better’ when you purchase bamboo bedding products from Island Slumber. It’s wonderful to wake up feeling rested and renewed, also knowing you are contributing to a healthier planet.

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